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By bike through the pleasure regions of Europe
(The book concept, an online print marketing mix)

Before we present our latest project in more detail, here are some thoughts on the marketing activities of this project. The project is designed in such a way that it will generate marketing activities for the participating regions for about 3 years, which of course the regions are welcome to use.

Take advantage of these marketing opportunities in the long term for at least 3 years
In detail, this looks like this: we will start with our projects after consultation and within the framework of the possibilities given by the pandemic with the research on site in spring 2021. This will be followed by approx. 12-15 months of research, which will already be accompanied by articles in our online magazines, postings on the appropriate social media channels, videos on YouTube channels and by our newsletter. We will also present the regions in the course of the seasons. After about 20-30 months, the respective book will be published. The time between the research and the publication of the book will continue to be used through articles in the magazines and social media work. When the book is published and at least until 36 months after the work has started, it will be promoted accordingly. This will also be done online, but also in print, e.g. through reviews. This will ensure that the participating regions benefit from the cooperation again and again for at least 36 months. We reach about 5 million readers this way.

The idea for the book
What could be better than getting to know a region by bike and making contact with the people? Where better to get to know the inhabitants than over a good glass of wine? What says more about a region than typical regional recipes and dishes? For more than 15 years, I have been pursuing these questions with my three online magazines, and, combining active topics with the regions' worlds of enjoyment. This knowledge and the experience as a sommelier and cooking instructor have led to the idea of a book that goes into more depth on these topics. By bicycle and on hikes, I will visit people who are living their dreams of enjoyment. The tours will be documented and described and offer readers the opportunity to experience them for themselves. The region's gourmet producers and their businesses are presented in portraits in the book. On the journey by bicycle through European regions of enjoyment, I will visit restaurants, cooking schools and private households and present the typical regional cuisine with recipes in the book. Cycling to the vintner and discovering regional wines, experiencing the world of beer on a brewery hike, paying a visit to the pumpkin farmer, reporting on oil mills, describing special restaurant experiences or rediscovering Europe's forgotten recipes with mothers and grannies - the ideas and possibilities are vast. My motto has been 'I whet your appetite for active, enjoyable leisure time' for many years now. Exactly this motto is reflected in the books.

What qualifies me for such a project?
For more than 15 years I have been travelling the countries of Europe as a travel and food journalist and am known to many of you for my reliable work with a lot of heart and soul. It is important for me to listen to the people; I am not the focus of my research, but rather the organic farmer, the cook, the vintner, the distiller, the cheese maker, and so on. That's how I learn many a secret that I can share with many people. Through my work as a qualified sommelier and lecturer for cooking courses and wine seminars (e.g. at the Munich Adult Education Centre, Gube20 Munich), with the implementation of cooking events (e.g. for the city of Munich at the Viktualienmarkt Munich), participation in television cooking programmes (e.g. ZDF-Küchenschlacht) and the development and translation of recipes, I have acquired over the years the ability to bring together the worlds of consumer and connoisseur.

How are the books structured?
We start the books with a presentation of the region from the point of view of cycling and hiking tourism and regional delicacies. In a second part, we present about 15 bicycle tours and hikes in detail. This is followed by portraits and interviews of and with 25 to 30 food producers (winegrowers, brewers, cheese makers, farmers, refiners, etc.) and a detailed description of their typical regional food products. The book is rounded off by 30 regionally typical recipes, which are developed in cooperation with restaurants, chefs, but also private individuals.

A high-quality book, not only in terms of content
The book series will not only be presented at the highest level in terms of content. The presentation itself will also be based on extremely high-quality cookbooks.
Here are a few key points:
approx. 250 pages
numerous colour photos and illustrations
planned format 21.0 × 28.0 cm

Who is this project for?
The project is ideal for all those who are active in the field of active holidays, enjoyment and food. This year in particular, for well-known reasons, active, enjoyable holidays have experienced a renaissance. Now it's time to get people excited about these topics in the coming years. The project is therefore interesting for destinations as well as for food producers, hotels, holiday flats, winegrowers' accommodation, farms with holiday offers, restaurants and retailers in the food sector. The more partners from a region can be inspired, the greater the success.

What costs do cooperation partners incur?
In order to draw up an exact cost plan, we first have to hold talks with you, determine how the support is to be provided on site, make an approximate choice of topics, etc. In general, you can assume that the costs will be around 5 to 8 thousand euros. However, about 50 of the books will be made available to you free of charge, which you can either sell or give away to good guests and business partners. In the case of a sale, this corresponds to a value of € 2.000. The marketing value of the project is at least € 25.000. Let's exchange ideas via Zoom conference or phone calls. Let's think creatively about for whom in your region the project could be interesting and for whom a marketing pool could be considered.


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Jörg Bornmann

Als ich im April 2006 mit Wanderfreak an den Start ging, dachte noch keiner an Blogs. Viele schüttelten nur ungläubig den Kopf, als ich Ihnen von meinem Traum erzählte ein reines Online-Wandermagazin auf den Markt zu bringen, welches eine hohe journalistische Qualität aufweisen kann, eine Qualität, die man bisher nur im Printbereich kannte. Mir war dabei bewusst, dass ich Reisejournalisten und Spezialisten finden musste, die an meine Idee glaubten und ich fand sie.